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Barb's a Super Lawyer®!

Each year Minnesota Law and Politics mails 18,000 ballots to randomly-selected attorneys to vote for the best lawyers they have observed in action.  Those nominations are screened by a blue ribbon panel for each practice area and, after the votes are tabulated, the final list of Super Lawyers® is published in August.  Barb Blumer became a Super Lawyer® in Minnesota Law and Politics' 2003 edition.

The original text of the Minnesota Law and Politics article is to the right:
"Barb Blumer has counseled senior services providers for over twenty-five years. She is general counsel to several large organizations, and specialized counsel to many others. Barb's expertise includes non profit governance and management, strategic planning, alliances, acquisitions, and development, corporate compliance and HIPAA, senior housing and other development and financing, employment law, employee benefits, resident, tenant, and family relationships, end of life decisions, and regulatory and reimbursement matters."

"She was instrumental in passage of the Minnesota health care directive statute, and played a significant role in the legislation that has facilitated the diversity of housing and service options for seniors in Minnesota. Barb is a frequent presenter in educational programs for clients and attorneys."